Thank you for stopping in.  This is me in the stripes.  It's from a couple of years ago but my hair style is the same and I haven't aged a bit, trust me.  I did have a baby since then so maybe it's older than a couple years, damn.  Oh well, I like it and it's how I think I look when I'm feeling good about myself.  So there you go.  I really have no clue where this website is headed, but I felt the need to start documenting my life in words and photos.  I have always loved writing, photography, and DIY but I am a recovering "not good enough" type so I have only dipped my toe into the water when it comes to getting my stuff out there.  Which brings me to another challenge.  My "stuff"  is all over the place.  Photography, writing, woodworking, sewing, drawing, gardening, home improvement, you name I've probably tried it.  I claim no mastery of anything, just a love for the process.  So in the future I hope to add photos and blog posts of these other things too.  We'll see where it goes.....

Laura E Humphrey